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Name of EncyclicalEnglish TranslationYear
Subject and Key Topics
Acerba Animi "Painful Anxiety"1932On the Persecution of the Church in Mexico
Acerbo Nimis "Very Bitter"1905On Teaching Christian Doctrine
Ad Apostolorum Principis "Prince of the Apostles"1958On Communism and the Church in China
Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum "To the Chair of the Prince of the Apostles"1914Appealing For Peace
Ad Caeli Reginam "Queen of Heaven"1954Queenship of Mary
Ad Catholici Sacerdotii "The Catholic Priesthood"1935On the Catholic Priesthood
Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum "That Most Happy Day"1904On the Immaculate Conception
Ad Extremas "To the Extreme"1893Seminaries for Native Clergy
Ad Petri Cathedram "To the Chair of Peter"1959Truth
Ad Salutem Humani "For the Salvation of the Human Race"1930On St. Augustine
Ad Sinarum Gentem "To The Chineese People"1954Persecutions in China
Adiutricem "Helper"1895On the Rosary
Aeterna Dei Sapientia "God's Eternal Wisdom"1961Communism
Aeterni Patris "Eternal Father"1879On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy
Affari Vos "In Addressing You"1897On the Manitoba School Question
Amantissimi Redemptoris "Beloved Redeemer"1858On Priests and the Care of Souls
Amantissimus "Beloved"1862Papal Primacy
Anni Sacri "The Holy Year"1950Atheism
Annum Sacrum "Holy Year"1899Consecration to the Sacred Heart
Annus Iam Plenus "The Year Now Complete"1920On Children in Central Europe
Apostolicae Nostrae Caritatis "Our Apostolic Love"1854Urging Prayers of Peace
Arcanum Divinae "The Secret of the Divine"1880On Christian Marriage
Au Milieu Des Sollicitudes "Amid the Anxieties"1892On the Church and State in France
Augustissimae Virginis Mariae "Most August Virgin Mary"1897On the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary
Auspicato Concessum "Granted Under Hope"1882On St. Francis of Assisi
Auspicia Quaedam "Certain Signs"1948Prayers for World Peace
Beneficia Dei "The Benefits of God"1871On the 25th Anniversary of His Pontificate
Caritas in Veritate "Charity in Truth"2009Detailed reflection on economic and social issues in a global world
Caritate Christi Compulsi "The Love of Christ Compels Us"1932On the Sacred Heart
Caritatis "Charity"1894On the Church in Poland
Caritatis Studium "Ardent Charity"1898On the Church in Scotland
Casti Connubii "Chaste Wedlock"1930On Christian Marriage
Catholicae Ecclesiae "The Catholic Church"1890On Slavery in the Missions
Centesimus Annus "The Hundredth Year"1991Political Social Teaching of Church
Charitate Christi "The Love of Christ"1825Extension of the Jubilee/The Sacrament of Penance
Christi Matri "Mother of Christ"1966Blessed Mother Mary
Christi Nomen "The Name of Christ"1894On Propagation of the Faith and Eastern Churches
Commissum Divinitus "Divinely Commissioned"1835On Church and State
Communium Interpretes Dolorum "Interpreter of the Universal Anquish"1945Prayers for Peace
Communium Rerum "Of Common Things"1909On St. Anselm of Aosta
Constanti Hungarorum "Resolute Hungary"1893On the Church in Hungary
Cum Multa "Although Many"1882On Conditions in Spain
Cum Nuper "With the Recent"1858On Care for Clerics
Cum Primum "When First"1832On Civil Obedience
Cum Sancta Mater Ecclesia "When Holy Mother Church"1859Pleading for Public Prayer
Custodi Di Quella Fede "Keepers of the Faith"1892On Freemasonry
Dall'alto Dell'apostolico Seggio "From the Top of the Apostolic Throne"1890On Freemasonry in Italy
Datis Nuperrime "Recently Given"1956Sorrowful Events in Hungary
Deiparae Virginis Mariae "Virgin Mary Mother of God"1946Assumption of Mary
Depuis Le Jour "Since the Day"1899On the Education of the Clergy
Deus Caritas Est "God is Love"2005God is Love
Dilectissima Nobis "Dear to Us"1933On the Persecution of the Church in Spain
Diu Satis "Long Enough"1800On a Return to Gospel Principles/Review of the French Revolution/Condemning Liberalism
Diuturni Temporis " A Long Space of Time"1898On the Rosary
Diuturnum "Long Lasting"1881On the Origin of Civil Power
Dives in Misericordia "Rich in Mercy"1980On God's mercy
Divini Illius Magistri "Divine Master"1929On Christian Education
Divini Redemptoris "Divine Redeemer"1937On Atheistic Communism
Divino Afflante Spiritu "Inspired by the Divine Spirit"1943Sacred Scripture
Divinum Illud Munus "Divine Mission"1897On the Holy Spirit
Doctor Mellifluus "Doctor Mellifluus"1953On St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Dominum Et Vivificantem "The Lord and Giver of Life"1986The Holy Spirit in the life of the Church and the world
Dum Multa "While Many"1902Marriage Legislation
E Supremi "Of the Supreme"1903On the Restoration of All things in Christ
Ecclesia de Eucharistia "The Church of the Eucharist"2003On the Eucharist in its relationship to the Church
Ecclesiae Fastos "Church History"1954On St. Boniface
Ecclesiam Dei "The Church of God"1923On St. Jehosophat
Ecclesiam Suam "His Church"1964Mystical Body of Christ
Editae Saepe "Word of God Reminds Often"1910On St. Charles Borromeo
Etsi Cunctas "Although All"1888On the Church in Ireland
Etsi Multa "Despite the Many"1873On the Church in Italy Germany and Switzerland
Etsi Nos "Although We"1882On Conditions in Italy
Evangelii Praecones "Heralds of the Gospels"1951On the Promotion of Catholic Missions
Evangelium Vitae "The Gospel of Life"1995The meaning and value of human life. The Catholic understanding of life from conception to natural death and the "culture of death" prevalent in today's culture which seeks to undermine God's Will of life.
Ex Quo Ecclesiam "From the Church"1800Granting plenary indulgences in place of the Jubilee of 1800
Exeunte Iam Anno "At the Close of "1888On Right Ordering of Christian Life
Exultavit Cor Nostrum "Our Heart Rejoices"1851On the Effects of the Jubilee
Fausto Appetente Die "As we Approach the Happy Day"1921On St. Dominic
Fidei Donum "Gift of Faith"1957Catholic Missions
Fidentem Piumque Animum "Proof of Trust and Devotion"1896On the Rosary
Fides et Ratio "Faith and Reason"1998On the relationship between faith and reason
Fin Dal Principio "From the Beginning"1902On the Education of the Clergy
Firmissimam Constantiam "Firm Constancy"1937On the religious situation in Mexico
Fulgens Corona "Radiant Crown"1953Celebrating the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception
Fulgens Radiatur "The Radiant Light"1947Saint Benedict
Grande Munus "The Great Task"1880On Saints Cyril and Methodius
Grata Recordatio "With Joyful Recollection"1959The Rosary
Graves Ac Diuturnae "Serious and Prolonged"1875On the Church in Switzerland
Graves de Communi Re "Serious Discussions"1901On Christian Democracy
Gravibus Ecclesiae "Grave Calamities of the Church"1874Proclaiming A Jubilee
Gravissimas "Serious"1901On Religious Orders in Portugal
Gravissimo Officii Munere "Serious Duty of Our Office"1906On French Associations of Worship
Haurietis Aquas "Draw Waters"1956Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Detailed treatise/explanation of the importance and value of worshipping the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Encyclical touches on many of the key doctrines of Jesus Christ as both God and man.
Humanae Vitae "Human Life"1968Contraception
Humani Generis "The Human Race"1950False Teachings
Humani Generis Redemptionem "Redemption of the Human Race"1917On Preaching the Word of God
Humanum Genus "The Human Race"1884On Freemasonry
Iamdudum "For a Long Time"1911On the Law of Separation in Portugal
Iampridem "For Some Time"1886On Catholicism in Germany
Il Fermo Proposito "The Firm Purpose"1905On Catholic Action in Italy
Il Trionfo "The Triumph"1814On the Holy See's Return to Italy and Reorganization of the Papal States
Immortale Dei "The Immortal Work of God"1885On the Christian Constitution of States
In Amplissimo "Extraordinary"1902On the Church in the United States
In Hac Tanta "Among the Many"1919On St. Boniface
In Ipso "In Him"1891On Episcopal Reunions in Austria
In Multiplicibus Curis "Among the Multiple Preoccupations"1948Palestine
In Plurimis "Among the Many"1888On the Abolition of Slavery
In Praeclara Summorum "Among the Geniuses"1921On Dante
Incredibili "Unbelievable"1863On the Persecution of the Catholic Church and Clergy in New Granada (Columbia)
Ingravescentibus Malis "The Evergrowing Evils"1937On the Rosary
Ingruentium Malorum "Approaching Evils"1951On Reciting the Rosary
Inimica vis "The Enemy Forces"1892On Freemasonry
Iniquis Afflictisque "Unjust Conditions"1926On the Persecution of the Church in Mexico and the Political Constitution of 1917
Inscrutabili Dei Consilio "Hidden Counsel of God"1878On the evils of society at that time
Insignes "Significant"1896On the Hungarian Millennium
Inter Graves "Among the Serious"1894On the Church and State in France
Inter Multiplices "Among the Many"1853Pleading for Unity of Spirit
Inter Praecipuas "Among the Major"1844On Biblical Societies
Invicti Athletae "Unconquered Athlete"1957On St. Andrew Bobola
Iucunda Sane "Joyful, Indeed"1904On Pope Gregory the Great
Iucunda Semper Expectatione "With Joyful Expectation"1894On the Rosary
Laborem Exercens "On Human Work"1981Labor
Lacrimabili Statu "Deplorable Condition"1912On the Indians of South America
Laetamur Admodum "We Are Most Pleased"1956Prayers for Peace in Poland
Laetitiae Sanctae "The Holy Joy"1893Commending Devotion to the Rosary
Le Pelerinage de Lourdes "The Pilgrimage to Lourdes"1957Apparitions at Lourdes
Levate "Lift Up"1867On the sufferings of the Church in Russia, Italy and Poland
Libertas "Liberty"1888On the Nature of Human Liberty
Licet Multa "Although Many"1881On Catholics in Belgium
Litteras A Vobis "Your Letters"1894On the Clergy in Brazil
Longinqua "Distant"1895On Catholicism in the United States
Luctuosissimi Eventus "Sorrowful Events"1956Public Prayers for Peace
Lux Veritatis "The Light of Truth"1931On the Council of Ephesus
Magnae Dei Matris "The Great Mother"1892On the Rosary
Magni Nobis "It Brings Great Joy"1889On The Catholic University of America
Mater et Magistra "Mother and Teacher"1961The Church as Mother
Maximae Quidem "Great Consolation"1864On the Church in Bavaria
Maximam Gravissimamque "Very Grave"1924On French Diocesan Association
Mediator Dei "Mediator of God"1947Sacred Liturgy
Meminisse Juvat "Helpful to Recall"1958Prayers for the Persecuted Church
Mens Nostra "Our Mind"1929Promotion of the Spiritual Exercises
Mense Maio "In the Month of May"1965 Virgin Mary
Meridionali Americae "South America"1865On the Seminary for the Native Clergy
Militantis Ecclesiae "Church Militant"1897On St. Peter Canisius
Mirabile Illud "That Admirable Prodigy"1950Prayers for Peace
Mirae Caritatis "Wondrous Love"1902On the Holy Eucharist
Miranda Prorsus "Wonderful Invention "1957On the Communications Fields: Motion Pictures
Mirari Vos "You Wonder"1832On Religious Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism
Miserentissimus Redemptor "Merciful Redeemer"1928Reparation to the Sacred Heart
Mit Brennender Sorge "With Deep Anxiety"1937On the Church and the German Reich
Mortalium Animos "Minds of Men"1928Ecumenism/Christian Unity and the Roman Catholic Church. On Religious Unity and the dangers and challenges of "Ecumenism" with non-Catholic Christian religions.
Musicae Sacrae "Of Sacred Music"1955On Sacred Music
Mysterium Fidei "Mystery of Faith"1965Doctrine and Worship of the Holy Eucharist
Mystici Corporis Christi "The Mystical Body of Christ"1943The Catholic Church as the "Mystical Body of Christ". A thorough definition and explanation of the Catholic Church as the Mystical Body of Christ.
Neminem Vestrum "None of You"1854On the Persecution of Armenians
Nemo Certe Ignorat "Certainly No One is Ignorant"1852On Discipline for Clergy especially in Ireland
Nobilissima Gallorum Gens "The Most Noble Nation of the French"1884On the Religious Question in France
Non Abbiamo Bisogno "We Do Not Need"1931Catholic Action in Italy
Non Mediocri "Not Inconsiderable"1893On the Spanish College in Rome
Nostis Et Nobiscum "You Know as We Do"1849On the Church in the Papal States (Italy)
Notre Charge Apostolique "Our Apostolic Mandate"1910On Socialist Doctrines of the Sillon Movement
Nova Impendet "A New Scourge Threatens"1931On the Economic Crisis
Nullis Certe Verbis "Certainly No Words"1860On the Need for Civil Sovereignty
Octobri Mense "The Month of October"1891On the Rosary
Officio Sanctissimo "Sacred Office"1887On the Church in Bavaria
Omnem Sollicitudinem "Every Care"1874On the Greek-Ruthenian Rite
Omnibus Compertum "All Are Aware Of"1900On Unity Among the Greek
Optatissima Pax "Longed-for Peace"1947Public Prayers for Social and World Peace
Optime Noscitis (1854) "You Know Very Well"1854On the Proposed Catholic University of Ireland
Optime Noscitis (1855) "You Know Very Well"1855On the Value of Episcopal Meetings in Austria
Orientales Ecclesias "The Oriental Churches"1952 Persecuted Eastern Church
Orientales Omnes Ecclesias "All the Eastern Churches"1945Ukrainian Greek Church
Orientalis Ecclesiae "Of the Eastern Church"1944On St. Cyril Patriarch of Alexandria
Pacem in Terris "Peace on Earth"1963Universal peace in truth, justice, charity and liberty
Pacem, Dei Munus Pulcherrimum "Peace, the Beautiful Gift of God"1920On Peace and Christian Reconciliation
Paenitentiam Agere "Penance for Sins"1962Penance
Pascendi Dominici Gregis "Feeding the Lord's Flock"1907Definitive teaching and pronouncements on the evils of Modernism - VERY applicable to today's situation. Landmark statement and wisely foretelling of the horrors to be visited on Christ's Holy Church should the errors of Modernism continue to propagate in the world - this Encyclical could easily have been written for post Vatican II times - A MUST read for anyone interested in understanding the truth regarding the mistakes of attempting to "modernize" the Roman Catholic Church.
Pastoralis "Pastoral"1891On Religious Union
Pastoralis Officii "Pastoral Office"1891On the Unity of Human Society
Paterna Caritas "Fatherly Love"1888On Reunion with Rome
Paternae "Fatherly"1899On the Education of the Clergy
Paterno Iam Diu "For a Long Time, With Paternal Love"1919On the Children of Central Europe
Pergrata "We are Pleased"1886On the Church in Portugal
Permoti Nos "We are Deeply Moved"1895On Social Conditions in Belgium
Pieni L'animo "Filled With the Spirit"1906On the Clergy in Italy
Populorum Progressio "On the Progression of Peoples"1967World Economy
Praedecessores Nostros "Our Predecessors"1847On Aid for the Famine in Ireland
Princeps Pastorum "The Prince of the Shepherds"1959On the missions, native clergy, and lay participation
Principi Apostolorum Petro "Peter, Prince of the Apostles"1920On St. Ephram the Syrian
Probe Noscitis Venerabiles "You Know Well, Venerable Brothers"1852On the discipline of the clergy in the Kingdom of Spain
Probe Nostis "You Know Full Well"1840On the Propagation of the Faith
Providentissimus Deus "God of Providence"1893On the Study of Holy Scripture
Quadragesimo Anno "Forty Years"1931Social Teaching
Quae Ad Nos "What Comes to Us "1902On the Church in Bohemia and Moravia
Quae In Patriarchatu "What is Done in the Patriarchate"1872On the Church in Chaldea/Papal Authority being Challenged
Quam Aerumnosa "How Miserable"1888On Italian Immigrants
Quam Religiosa "How Religious"1898On Civil Marriage Law
Quamquam Pluries "Although Many Times"1889On Devotion to St. Joseph
Quanta Cura "What Care"1864Condemning Current Errors
Quanta Laetitia "How Much Joy"1827On the Reorganization of the Catholic Church in Scotland
Quanto Conficiamur Moerore "How Much Cause We Have to Grieve"1863On Promotion of False Doctrines
Quarto Abeunte Saeculo "At the End of Four Centuries"1892On Christopher Columbus
Quartus Supra "Beyond Four"1873On the Church in Armenia
Quas Primas "In the First"1925On the Feast of Christ the King
Quas Vestro "What You Say"1841On Mixed Marriages
Quemadmodum " While The"1946World's Destitute Children
Qui Nuper "Here Recently"1859On the Pontifical States
Qui Pluribus "The Many"1846On Faith and Religion
Quinquagesimo Ante "Fifty Years Ago"1929On His Priestly Jubilee and a review of where things stand in the world
Quo Graviora "The More Grave"1826On Secret Societies/Prohibition to join Masonic Lodges/Freemasonry
Quo Graviora "The More Serious"1833On Disobedience to Papal and Ecclesiastical Authority
Quod Anniversarius "The Anniversary"1888On His Sacerdotal Jubilee
Quod Apostolici Muneris "The Apostolic Office"1878On Socialism
Quod Auctoritate "With The Authority"1885Proclaiming a Jubilee
Quod Hoc Ineunte "This is the Beginning"1824Proclaiming the renewal of the Jubilee (1825)
Quod Iam Diu "That Which has Long Been"1918On the Future Peace Conference
Quod Multum "Very Much"1886On the Liberty of the Church
Quod Nunquam "What We Never"1875On the Church in Prussia
Quod Votis "What you Wanted"1902On the Proposed Catholic University
Quum Diuturnum "The Long Course"1898On the Latin American Bishops' Plenary Council
Redemptor Hominis "The Redeemer of Man"1979On Jesus' Redemption of the world
Redemptoris Mater "Mother of the Redeemer"1987Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of the Pilgrim Church
Redemptoris Missio "Mission of the Redeemer"1990Redemptive mission of Christ
Redemptoris Nostri Cruciatus "The Passion of Our Redeemer"1949On protecting the Holy Places in Palestine
Reputantiubus "We Reflect"1901On the Language Question in Bohemia
Rerum Ecclesiae "History of the Church"1926Catholic Missions
Rerum Novarum "Of Revolutionary Change"1891The first and most definitive Social Teaching of the Catholic Church. The need for equity as it relates to capital and labor; the Catholic's perspective on socialism and communism.
Rerum Omnium Perturbationem "Disorders of the World"1923St. Francis De Sales
Rerum Orientalium "Of the Eastern World"1928Promoting Oriental Studies
Respicientes "Looking Back"1870Protesting the Taking of the Pontifical States
Rite Expiatis "Rite of Purification"1926On St. Francis of Assisi
Sacerdotalis Caelibatus "On Priestly Celibacy "1967Priestly Celibacy
Sacerdotii Nostri Primordia "From the Beginning of our Priesthood"1959On St. John Vianney
Sacra Propediem "Soon to be Sacred"1921On the Third Order of St. Francis
Sacra Virginitas "Holy Virginity"1954On Consecrated Virginity
Saeculo Exeunte Octavo "Eighth centenary"1940Eight Century of the Independence of Portugal
Saepe Nos "We Often"1888On Boycotting in Ireland
Saepe Venerabiles Fratres "Often, Venerable Brothers"1871Thanksgiving for 25 Years of Pontificate
Sancta Dei Civitas "The Holy City of God"1880On Mission Societies
Sapientiae Christianae "Christian Wisdom"1890On Christians as Citizens
Satis Cognitum "Sufficiently Well Known"1896On the Unity of the Church
Sempiternus Rex Christus "Christ, the Eternal King"1951Council of Chalcedon
Sertum Laetitiae "The Crown of Joy"1939On the USA
Singulari Nos "Each of Us"1834On The Errors Of Lammenais, Belgian Bishop who wrote "Words of a Believer", a scandalous book
Singulari Quadam "Singular Kind Of"1912On Labour Organizations
Singulari Quidem "With a Particular"1856On the Church in Austria
Slavorum Apostoli "The Apostles of the Slavs"1985In memory of the evangelizing work of Saints Cyril and Methodius after eleven centuries
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis "On Social Concerns"1987On the Social Concerns and Teachings of the Church
Spe Salvi "Saved by Hope"2007 On the Theological virtue of hope
Spectata Fides "Your Proven Faith"1885On Christian Education
Spesse Volte "Oftentimes"1898On the Suppression of Catholic Institutions
Spiritus Paraclitus "The Holy Spirit, Paraclete"1920On St. Jerome
Studiorum Ducem "Guide to be Followed"1923Thomas Aquinas
Summi Maeroris "The Deepest Sorrow"1950 Public Prayers for Peace
Summi Pontificatus "On the Supreme Pontificate"1939Unity of Human Society
Summo Iugiter Studio "Studying From on High"1832On Mixed Marriages
Superiore Anno "Last Year"1884On the Recitation of the Rosary
Supremi Apostolatus Officio "Supreme Apostolic Office"1883On Devotion to the Rosary
Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus "The Outlook on the Future"1900On Jesus Christ the Redeemer
Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae "Witness to Our Good Will"1899Virtue, Nature and Grace, and Americanism
Traditi Humiltati "Delivered With Humility"1829On the program of his pontificate/Misuse of the Holy Bible/False teachings/Sacrament of Matrimony(Marriage)
Tribus Circiter "About Three"1906On the Miravites: Mystic Priests of Poland
Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio " Inscrutable Designs of God"1922On the Peace of Christ in His Kingdom
Ubi Nos "When We Were"1871On Condemnation of the Annexation of the Papal States in Italy
Ubi Primum "As Soon As"1824On the Bishops' duties/The Holy Bible
Ubi Primum (1847) "Among the First"1847On Discipline for Religious
Ubi Primum (1849) "Among the First"1849The Pope seeks input on establishing a formal Dogma for the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother
Une Fois Encore "Once Again"1907France
Urbanitatis Veteris "Ancient Civilization"1901On the Foundation of a Seminary in Athens
Ut Unum Sint "That They May Be One"1995Sacred Scripture & Sacred Tradition
Vehementer Nos "We Vehemently"1906On the French Law of Separation
Veritatis Splendor "The Splendor of Truth"1993Real truth and it "objective" rooting in God.
Vi E Ben Noto "There is Well Known"1887On the Rosary and Public Life
Vigilanti Cura "Vigilant Care"1936On Motion Pictures
Vineam Quam Plantavit "He Planted a Vineyard"1817On the restructuring of the Diocese of France
Vix Dum A Nobis "While we Barely"1874On the Church in Austria