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Revealed Truth (Defined Dogma)

Original sin is transmitted by natural generation.

Lay Catechist Notes
    In other words, there is no avoiding the reception of the consequences arising from Original Sin - even though it was Adam who committed the sin, God has ordained that every human being should receive through natural generation (i.e. by being born as a human being), the effects of this Original Sin. Suffering, death and the lack of Sanctifying Grace (life in the soul) are direct consequences of sin - this is the reason why Christ made Baptism the first sacrament necessary to eternal life - it is through Baptism that Sanctifying Grace and life in the soul is restored.
Ecumenical Council Documents
  • General Council of Trent (1545)
    • Decree Concerning Original Sin
      • "4.  If anyone denies that infants, newly born from their mothers' wombs, are to be baptized, even though they be born of baptized parents, or says that they are indeed baptized for the remission of sins, but that they derive nothing of original sin from Adam which must be expiated by the laver of regeneration for the attainment of eternal life, whence it follows that in them the form of baptism for the remission of sins is to be understood not as true but as false, let him be anathema, for what the Apostle has said, by one man sin entered into the world, and by sin death, and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned, is not to be understood otherwise than as the Catholic Church has everywhere and always understood it.   For in virtue of this rule of faith handed down from the apostles, even infants who could not as yet commit any sin of themselves, are for this reason truly baptized for the remission of sins, in order that in them what they contracted by generation may be washed away by regeneration .  For, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven"
Fathers and Doctors of the Church Documents
  • De Nuptiis et Concupiscentia (419) - On Marriage and Concupiscence - Augustine
    • Chapter 21 Thus Sinners are Born of Righteous Parents, Even as Wild Olives Spring from the Olive
      • "That, therefore, which is born of the lust of the flesh is really born of the world, and not of God; but it is born of God, when it is born again of water and of the Spirit.  The guilt of this concupiscence, regeneration alone remits, even as natural generation contracts it. What, then, is generated must be regenerated , in order that likewise since it cannot be otherwise, what has been contracted may be remitted