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All of the Truths revealed formally by God(Defined Dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church).

Two(2) PDF documents that can be printed on both sides of a single document for laminating.

Excellent as a handout for catechism or instructional classes.

Journeys of Jesus Descriptive MapPoster size map of the Holy Land at the time of Jesus. All of the major events in Jesus' life are identified and cross referenced to Bible passages (see right hand side of image).

The download file is 26.2 MB in size (4800 x 7200) - This map been specially prepared to be printed on high gloss paper (24 inches x 36 inches) and mounted within a frame.
(See a framed example here.)

Lives of the Popes in the Early Middle Ages
(590 - 1304)
A series of 17 books covering the history of the lives of the popes from Saint Gregory the Great (590 - 604) through Pope Benedict XI (1303-1304). Volumes 13 and 14 are missing from the series.

These books provide a truthful (backed up with many footnotes) insight not just on the Catholic Church and the lives of the Popes during this time, but the struggles and challenges facing human society (at least for most of the world that the Church had touched at that time). The reader will note that, in most cases, the character of the popes who filled the See of Peter is much different than the world has historically liked to paint.

All books are in PDF format.

History of the Popes from the close of the Middle Ages
A series of 40 books covering the history of the lives of the popes from Clement V (the beginning of the Avignon captivity - 1305) through Pope Pius VI and the time of the French Revolution - 1799.

The author of this series was provided with unprecedented access to the "secret" Vatican archives for the purpose of ensuring actual facts were used in recollecting the history of the popes. As in the earlier series of books detailing the history of the popes, these books reveal the real truths on the men who would act in Christ's place for the governing and guiding of the Roman Catholic Church.

All books are in PDF format.

A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher ColumbusA four volume series that reveals the real truths regarding Christopher Columbus. Written by Washington Irving, one of the most renowned and reliable authors of all ages. These books tell the true story of a very pious Roman Catholic man driven with the zeal to spread the Gospels of Jesus Christ. While certainly not free from sin or mistakes, Columbus was, none the less, an honest and virtuous man who has been wrongly ridiculed in recent times.

All books are in PDF format.

Life of St. Francis of AssisiWritten by another contemporary saint, St. Bonaventure.

Provides great detail in to the life of one of the greatest saints to walk the earth. Includes stories of many miraculous events, including the Stigmata of Jesus Christ (Francis received the actual wounds that Christ had received during His passion).